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Event Photos
Look at the photos below to see a sample of our display versus the competiton.
Our set ups includes a professional Photo Backdrop, Professional Lighting, Nikon DSLR cameras, commercial grade dye sublimation printers, our exclusive 7' tall, illuminated 'Fun Folders' Banner (For a more professional looking Set Up). Most companies display their 'Fun frames' by physically setting up a sample of each 'Fun frame' on a separate table. this requires more set up space, more set up time, and 'Fun frames' are cardboard so their easily knocked over when Guests (Esp. kids) handle them when they're deciding which frame to pick.

Our display can be configured for very small spaces and can be quickly relocated to the main party room after cocktail hour ends.

     Our Basic Photo Favor display                 The competition's Display

1. Notice their set up (Right) has a smaller selection of total frames guests can choose from.
2. notice the inexpensive top-Feed printer (You can see the paper loaded on top). which shows you this is not even the correct type of printer for event photography, and the paper will have to be cut by hand for every photo (More wasted time!) because the 8x10 size paper wil not fit in a 3x5, 4x6, or 5x7 frame. Our printers cut the photos automatically to size!
3. Their display will be a mess after 10 minutes of kids going through it, and their display will never look this clean or organized for the rest of the event!

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